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Most Competitive Renewable

Acquire, Develop, Operate

Fortune Hydro AG Focuses on Raising Funds for the Acquisition of Small Hydro Projects Worldwide.

Driving Positive Impact and Sustainability


Project Acquisitions and Financing

The Business

Develop, Build, and Operate Small Hydropower Plants

World-Class Partners

Large Market Share, Trusted Product, Worldwide


Investing in Tangible Assets

Join us in our mission to power the future with sustainable energy solutions. Invest in Fortune Hydro AG and be part of our efforts to create a greener, more sustainable world while generating attractive returns.


It’s Easily Accessible

Step 1

Click on "Invest"

To invest, visit Fortune Hydro AG and click "Invest."

Step 4


After setting up your account, follow the instructions to pay your investment amount. Fortune Hydro AG offers convenient, secure payment methods.

Step 2

Open Account

For new investors, Fortune Hydro AG may require account setup and information.

Step 5

Receive Contract with Payment Confirmation

For new investors, Fortune Hydro AG may require account setup and information.

Step 3

Select Amount

Fortune Hydro AG's small hydro projects' investment amounts depend on your financial goals and preferences.

Step 6

First Profit Payment After 3 Months

Fortune Hydro AG's investment terms state that you'll receive your first profit distribution three months after investing.

Investor Voices

Discover What Our Clients Have to Say About Investing in Sustainable Hydro Projects

Family Investor


"Hi, my name is Stefan and I invested in Fortune Hydro. I was pleasantly surprised
by their pitch and values they offered. As a result, I invested alongside a few
colleagues. We did get our first dividend payment as promised. A nice return on investment.

I will certainly reinvest more funds and participate in the story.

I feel well taken care of as a shareholder, and feel good about the ethical way they
do business for a better climate."

Video Coming Soon!

Male investor


"Hi everyone,

I signed up with Fortune Hydro, and it was so simple and straightforward. Before I
knew it, I had invested in a hydropower project and started earning on my
investment. I was amazed at how easy it was to invest and how quickly I started
earning money.

Being an owner of something which makes sense, saves nature and produces
green energy feels good. And it earns me more money than the savings account."

Video Coming Soon!

Female Investor


"I invest in renewables wind and solar successfully. Now I found a perfect hedge,
Fortune Hydro is a pure hydropower opportunity. I gave it a try and it was so easy -
Website. A few clicks, credit card payment, my address and done. Instead of an
easter present, I bought some shares.

5 minutes later I had the contract in my inbox, filled in with my data, confirming the

Simple Easy and fast"

Video Coming Soon!

Getting Started

Invest in Fortune Hydro AG today and share in our vision of clean electricity and prosperity.  Invest with us to provide renewable energy while earning lucrative profits. 

It only takes a few steps and less than 5 minutes to start your journey.