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About us

Fortune Hydro AG – Buy, Build, Modernise and Operate Hydropower Plant

Fortune Hydro AG is a Swiss Company focused on the production of Green Energy and fighting of climate change for a better life. We focus on hydroelectric production of electricity, small and large, old and new build worldwide. 

We consider alternative investments into Wind and Solar if they are linked to hydro or are in cooperation with one of our main Partners.


Our team members bring a wealth of experience and expertise. The leadership team is augmented by close collaboration with Fortune Hydro's partners, advisors, suppliers, and customers.

We did build the leading biodiesel producer in Europe at the time and sold the business to large global group. We have been a Pioneer when biofuels became an option and we are a pioneer today when greenhouse gases threaten humanity. We improve life by reducing CO2 and producing clean electricity now.


Based in Zug, Switzerland, Fortune Hydro AG is headquartered in one of the most regulated, secure jurisdictions in the world. 
Fortune Hydro's strategy is simple and repeatable: deploy a reliable technology; deliver a single service - generate electrical power with no carbon emissions. This strategy represents one of the most demonstrable and impactful ESG investments available on the market today. 


Services Offered



  • Manage the Engineering Design

  • Review client proposal

  • Optimise design

  • Increase capacity and optimise social impact


Build or Buy

  • Manage the Construction

  • Manage building contacts

  • Modernise existing Power plants – the fastest way to build new green energy by increasing the output

  • Construct with local partners

  • Set up local maintenance



  • Manage hydropower plant operations throughout its life

  • Monitor from a global centre

  • Operate with the regional team

  • Manage social and ecological impact responsibly

  • Reinvest

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