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Fight climate change: Invest in small hydropower renewable energy.

Renewable power generation infrastructure development, worldwide


Renewable energy is on a steep growth trajectory across the world. But to achieve 2050 climate goals, the share of renewable energy production must increase faster. Hydropower has the lowest carbon footprint of all renewable energy sources, including wind, in part owing to the long lifespan of hydropower plants. Although hydropower already accounts for more than 50% of all renewable electricity generation on the planet, more investment in hydropower is urgently needed.


Select and Verify project opportunities

Manage the Engineering Design Phase

Optimize existing and new-build assets

Increase capacity of existing power plants through upgrades


Manage the Construction

Manage building contracts

Construct with local partners

Establish local maintenance capacities


Manage small hydropower plants throughout the asset lifecycle

Remote operations and management of assets from a central control room in Europe

Responsible, sustainable ecological and social impact

Manage social and ecological impact responsibly

Exploit opportunities for asset reinvestments


Fortune Hydro doesn't compromise on profitability. Our projects deliver a high return on investment, with IRR scores in excess of 20%. We have exclusive access to the best projects pipeline in-sector, and can select projects to ensure healthy returns and positive ecological impact. Fortune Hydro raises capital through different classes of shares, convertibles, bonds, and traditional debt financing. We follow the principle that profits arrive through delivering on ESG commitments, achieving good outcomes for investors, shareholders, and society.

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Fortune Hydro AG is a Swiss holding company and technical operator with a focus on small hydropower projects. The company will upgrade and modernize existing hydropower plants (usually aged 50 years or more) to extend their useful lifespan across future decades, and will develop greenfield sites to bring low-carbon power generation to the grid. Fortune Hydro will deploy one technical and operational solution, a strategy based on two primary principles; simplicity and repeatability. Fortune Hydro plans to acquire and manage small hydropower projects in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. The company is partnered with a renowned, 150-year-old hydropower engineering company from Germany - Voith Group, and with a specialist in hydropower plant operations from the UK, Green Highland The company will raise rolling investment capital, and will reinvest profits into growth. Although the company's operations are international, all financial management is conducted from Switzerland, one of the world's most trusted and secure jurisdictions. Information on company performance and financial disclosures will at all times be accessible in the public forum, as required by Swiss commercial law. Fortune Hydro will exploit an expansive and growing pipeline of projects, generating strong revenues. The company's detailed financial projections demonstrate a minimum return on investment (RoI) of 10%, with a minimum investment multiple of 8 times.

Investment in Fortune Hydro is one of the most effective means by which an investor can put their money to work to fight climate change while earning a financial return. Hydropower plants are known to generate CO2-netutral energy for up to a century, and beyond. Such a lasting renewable energy legacy is possible to achieve with small hydropower.


According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the world’s existing hydropower capacity will need to grow by around 60% by 2050 to reach 2,150 GW to help limit the rise in global temperature to below 1.5 degrees Celsius of pre-industrial norms. Such growth would help generate some 600,000 skilled jobs over the coming decade and would require an estimated investment of US$1.7 trillion. Hydropower accounts for nearly a third of the world’s capacity for flexible electricity supply and has the potential to provide even more.

Organization campaign

Fortune Hydro AG

Your investment will earn you 10% of your investment in August (exact date TBC) 2024.

16% of the electricity generated worldwide is hydropower. Only 30% of global hydropower potential has been utilized. Existing plants hold enormous potential for expansion through modernization. With generator turbines typically up to 90% efficiency and with a potential lifespan of up to 100 years, hydropower is one of the most efficient forms of energy generation and flexible storage. Over 2 million people are employed in the hydropower sector worldwide.

Market Share

Fortune Hydro's technical partner has a hydropower sector global market share of approximately 20%


Fortune Hydro's technical engineering partner, Voith, is ranked within Germany's top 25% of companies, by size. It's technical asset management partner, Green Highland, is a pioneer of remote assets management technology

About us

Fortune Hydro AG focuses on raising funds for the acquisition of small hydro projects worldwide. The company upgrades aging power plants, and implements new-builds to sustainably generate electricity, helping economies to grow and thrive. Small hydro projects represent manageable investment prospects, establishing tangible assets which produce power and reliable income synergistically across decades.


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