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Our Team

Our leadership comes from diverse backgrounds. They are focused on generating shareholder value while doing the right thing for our planet, protecting our environment, and supporting economic growth. 

We aspire to social inclusivity and adhere to ESG principles in each and every aspect of our business.

A better world is made by clean energy, moral social conduct, and economic prosperity and growth. Fortune Hydro promotes these ideals through its work.

Team Effort

Our team members bring a wealth of experience and expertise. The leadership team is augmented by close collaboration with Fortune Hydro's partners, advisors, suppliers, and customers.

Meet the Team


Rolf Schneebeli


  • Previous financial sector CEO positions

  • Over 20yrs Swiss Private Banking

  • Management of financial operations internationally from Switzerland, and from postings abroad


Paul Sanchez


  • CFO positions and directorships in cross-sector companies 

  • Years of restructuring experience

  • Energy sector expertise 

  • Deep knowledge of European and Latin American markets


Jorge Chirinos


  • Experienced financial advisor in US, European, and Latin American markets

  • Long energy sector experience

  • Directorships and senior management positions in financial sector


Anamarija Zivanovic

Legal Counsel

  • Practicing attorney in UK commercial law

  • Full time in-house counsel

  • Expertise of UK and EU commercial law


Dr Carlos Mack

Chief Strategy Advisor

  • Investments expert

  • Financial restructuring, insolvency, CRO and receivership

  • Member of the board of TMA Europe

  • Honorary Consul of the Republic of Honduras


Alexander Griffiths

Investor Relations

  • Years of experience delivering complex projects in challenging jurisdictions

  • Worked with key government and private sector clients and partners in the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia

  • Professional business communications advisor

Regular external consultants

  • Essam Ali

    • Financial modelling and business planning, EY and other agencies 

  • Tijana Jankovic:

    • Financial planning. Emphasis on Balkans

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