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Welcome to Fortune Hydro

We build or modernize Hydro Power Plants to own and operate them

Fortune Hydro AG: we are Swiss with a global reach and focus on tier one markets

Our assets are mainly in Europe and the Americas
We are a Swiss Company with leading technology and finance
We build a better energy world with commitment and experience


4 Steps to Make the Difference

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Register With Us

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Tangible Assets and Stable Revenues

Our main focus is to own and operate power plants long-term. Hydro Power Plants have been successful for more than 200 years. With today's awareness of renewable energy, Hydro Power will again become a key investment class. We are mainly focused on this investment class.


The next investments we want to make are:

  • to purchase a power plant in Glendevon

  • to purchase 11 power plants in the USA

  • to develop 3-4 hydro power plants in Switzerland

  • to build pump storage, a fully ecological super battery with 450MW capacity  to store wind and solar Power and make green power available when there is no wind and no sunshine


We invest in:

  1. high tech

  2. Green technology

  3. Tangible assets


We earn our revenue directly from the sale of electricity to governments, industry and consumers

Our market is stable and pries are growing while our cost stay relatively stable.

We are happy to show you all the project details on request.


Join us in our mission to power the future with sustainable energy solutions.

​Sustainability Is at Our Core


Plant design and delivery
Project acquisition
Project development
operations management and long term maintenance

The Business

Develop, Build, and Operate Small Hydropower Plants.

World-Class Partners

Network of specialized firms all leading in their field
Austrian and German technology, Swiss Experience, New York and London funded We focus on the solution deliver, operations and maintenance

Voices of customer and Partners

Discover What Our Clients Have to Say About Investing in Sustainable Hydro Projects

Markus Bläuer


I was not aware of the differences nor of the synergies between Wind Solar and Hydro. I though hydro was yesterday. Now i see that Hydro is needed to sore the electricity from Solar and Wind, that hydro is faster to grow and fight climate change, namely when it comes to modernizing existing assets. 

Meinrad Bommer


Man with Blue Polo Shirt

Escher Wyss, the Swiss turbine specialist developed one of the first industries in Zurich 200 years ago. Today they are still one of the most wealth organizations in Switzerland. I like to be part of the next such story and promote a proven tested clean source of energy.

Milla Eichholzer



I am in discussion to join the firm. I have rarely seen such a strong proposition. They bring innovation to a well established field and make hydro even more successful. This is probably going to be the biggest positive impact on green energy i have seen.

Nikhil Joshi

Wales (UK)

Headshot of Mid Adult Man

I work in one of the top 5 tech companies senior management. If i have to invest today, if i have to choose today, if i am placing my bet, it will always fall on Fortune Hydro.

Marla Kofel


Woman with Long Hair

Their focus is unique.
They focus on one proven technology and bring the latest high tech to it. This gives me comfort that it is not a new dream but a pragmatic solution which works fast, profitable and clean.

Invest in Fortune Hydro AG and participate in our vision of clean electricity and prosperity.  Invest with us to provide renewable energy while earning lucrative profits. 

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