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  • What is Fortune Hydro AG's primary focus in terms of geographical investment?
    Fortune Hydro AG's main focus remains on Europe and the USA despite its global strategy.
  • Why is hydropower considered the world's number one renewable energy generator?
    Hydropower is considered the world's number one renewable energy generator because it has decades of experience, is known for its low long-term impact, and has the lowest CO2 emissions compared to other technologies.
  • What are the key phases involved in Fortune Hydro's project development process?
    Fortune Hydro's project development process involves selecting and verifying project opportunities, managing the engineering design phase, optimizing existing and new-build assets, increasing the capacity of existing power plants through upgrades, and establishing local maintenance capacities with local partners.
  • How does Fortune Hydro ensure its investors are secured with assets, both short and long-term?
    Fortune Hydro ensures its investors are secured with assets both short and long-term by acquiring projects, power plants, land, and assets including building and water rights.
  • Can you explain Fortune Hydro's approach to responsible and sustainable ecological and social impact management?
    Fortune Hydro manages its small hydropower plants throughout the asset lifecycle with remote operations and management from a central control room in Europe. The company is committed to responsible, sustainable ecological and social impact management and looks for opportunities for asset reinvestments.
  • What kind of returns can investors expect from Fortune Hydro's projects, and what is the IRR score typically achieved?
    Investors can expect high returns on investment from Fortune Hydro's projects, with IRR scores typically exceeding 15%.
  • What regions does Fortune Hydro target for its small hydropower projects, and what is the company's strategic approach?
    Fortune Hydro plans to acquire and manage small hydropower projects in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Southeast Asia with a focus on simplicity and repeatability in its operational strategy.
  • Where is Fortune Hydro AG headquartered, and why is Switzerland chosen as the base of operations?
    Fortune Hydro conducts its business operations from Switzerland due to its status as one of the world's most trusted and secure jurisdictions.
  • How does investing in Fortune Hydro contribute to the fight against climate change, and what is the longevity of hydropower investments?
    Investing in Fortune Hydro contributes to the fight against climate change as hydropower plants can generate CO2-neutral energy for up to a century or more.
  • How can interested investors get involved with Fortune Hydro, and what regulatory protections are in place for their investments?
    Interested investors can get involved with Fortune Hydro through a regulated Funding Platform. The platform is regulated in Germany by the German BaFin, providing regulatory protections for investments. Professional and regulated investment professionals from the funding platform ensure the best quality service and protect investments.

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